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Knesset marks fight against Poverty Day



Food for the Disadvantaged Organization 

 Breaking the cycle of Poverty


Knesset marks fight against Poverty Day

The Knesset marked the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on Wednesday November 19th, with a series of panel discussions


The day – established by the United Nations in 1993 – was also dedicated to implementing the recommendations of the Committee to Fight Poverty within the framework of the 2015 budget 

Joshua Pelzman, (third from the left) who holds a permanent seat at the Knesset's Internal Affairs and Environment Committee's planning affairs, during the discussion on affordable housing and public housing for needy people which was held Wednesday

   "Housing problems are forcing people into poverty much more than any other problems. Families below the poverty line are forced to spend 80% of their money today on housing. That leaves them with very little money to buy food, medicine and other necessities, and Non Governmental organizations like Food for the Disadvantaged ( step in to fil the void, People literally depended on them for day to day living

In the coming weeks the government is expected to approve the final budget for the coming year. This budget, however, does not address the urgent needs of 1.7 million people living in poverty in Israel. For these people, they will continue to live without essential rights, including the right to shelter, proper food and proper education 

 The Committee Chairperson Miri Regev and Interior Ministry director Dr. Shuki Amrani, a more through presentation on the affordable housing plan will be presented soon promised Dr. Amrani

Three billion shekels were the revenues generated from the sales of public housing to their inhabitants" said Ran Cohen, who is most identified with "Law of Public Housing", which allowed residents of houses supplied by the state to assume ownership on the house. "The law required the government to reinvest these funds into new public housing, but as of today none of this money was invested in such projects

  The cycle of poverty is not made of a single issue. It is a composed of many issues which demand a comprehensive plan. It should include solutions from all governmental agencies. It must include allocation of public land for public housing, enforcing the Housing Law named Vadal (acronym in Hebrew for National Housing Committee) which has recently passed in the Knesset but is not being enforced, enforce Takana 188 which limit the ability of local municipalities to improperly sale its land without proper approval from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, allocate more money in the 2015 budget to fight poverty, hunger and homelessness























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