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¨ Food for the Disadvantaged" (A.R.) is a registered non-profit organization (Amuta) in Israel that collects and distributes vital food supply to families and individuals who face "food insecurity" in Israel in the Tel Aviv, Rehovot and Dan Metropolis areas. Simply put, the people we assist don't have access to the minimum quantity of food necessary to sustain a healthy life. . Some of the food we distribute is donated by Israelis as well as food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.  We also purchase essential items when they are not donated or not donated in sufficient quantities. All the food is packaged and distributed by volunteers. 

  • ¨ Some of our clients are hardship families, including new immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia and Argentina. Others are the aged or disabled who don't have the physical capability of to go shopping. All of them are referred to FFD by the municipal social services departments in the cities where we operate.
  • ¨ Every year especially in recent years the government of Israel is doing less and less for its poor and its disadvantaged people. The government leaves these enormous tasks to the private sector and the local communities. Without organizations like FFD there will be many who end their day literally in total hunger.
  • ¨ FFD was founded in April 2003 by Joshua Pelzman, an architect, who is a partner in the architectural office of Pelzman-Rozenfeld Architects ( He was joined by other professionals and friends some who had worked together in the Jewish Agency/World Zionist Organization and joined together to create a voluntary initiative to make Israel a better place to live. They decided that food and hunger was an urgent issue that needed immediate attention. They felt that lives literally depended on them.
  • ¨ Today FFD collects and distributes 500 food baskets per month, providing each individual with basic dry and fresh goods and cleaning materials. The value of each basket is approximately $50. During the holidays, FFD increases both the number of parcels and the quantity of goods in each parcel. More than thirty volunteers work on a regular basis to prepare the packages and deliver them to the needy homes using their own private vehicles.
  • "We expect to expand our outreach this year. One of our newest projects, currently getting underway, is to provide weekly lunches to 300 disadvantaged young people in the cities of Jaffa, Netanya, Acre and Tiberius who are members of a special sea-scouts program ("Anchor for Life") under the auspices of the Israeli Scouting Association.  If we succeed in expanding our resources in this year, FFD hopes to adopt the country-wide "sea-scouts for disadvantaged youth program" (up to to1000 meals per week).
  • ¨ We believe our giving is a step toward meaningful change in Israeli society. We are motivated by our belief that helping others is the right thing to do and that our voluntary actions will create a positive chain reaction leading to a better future for Israel.
  • ¨ FFD is now turning to individuals and foundations outside of Israel asking them to assist us in our vital work. We particularly need donations that will help us:
  • Purchase another delivery Van and maintain our delivery Van and a delivery truck.
  • Develop our computer network and warehouse management software.
  • Expanding in-service training programs for our volunteers.
  • Expand our web site in Hebrew and English.
  • U.S. tax deductible contributions of at least $ 25 may be sent (and must be made payable to) P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc., 317 Madison Avenue, Suite 607,

    New York, NY 10017 with a recommendation that it be used for:

     Food for the Disadvantaged

    (Using the exact name shown above).

    Non U.S. tax deductible contributions can donate via our secure web site or send donations directly to us by check, made out to:

    Food for the Disadvantaged Organizations

    P.O.Box 6477

    Tel Aviv 61063


    For further information and to find out how you can help contact Rachel Ben Zvi: 972-3-6024444

    You can also leave a message                                       and we will call you back.

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